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Protein Powder – Yes or No?

ca_vegaone_nutritionalshake_largetub_frenchvanillaIf you follow My1FitLife, you may have noticed that I have been moving away from protein powders since last year due to findings and new laws exposing toxins in a high number of powders, including some of my favorite plant based options. Unfortunately (I say “unfortunately” because of my concerns about increasing use of processed animal products), the cleanest in this brand new study come from whey and egg.
My opinion is that we are best off sticking to real food rather than these kind of supplements for nourishment. Protein is abundant and easy to get too much of so a protein powder is often overkill and unhealthy if it takes you over the National Academy of Science’s DRI of a generous 0.8 grams per kilogram of lean body mass (or .36 grams per pound of lean body mass). More recent and aggressive research based on studies of countries, populations and subgroups has determined that this number is too high. The WHO (World Health Organization) more conservatively recommends 0.66 grams per kilogram of lean body mass. Scales specializing in BMI can get you close, or your doctor can help you determine your lean mass number. For what it’s worth:
Our kidneys bear the brunt of processing the excess we take in to the detriment of our overall health and most certainly the health of this vital organ.
When looking at your personal sources of protein, save yourself some money and increase your plant based natural proteins over high priced powders. Add hemp hearts, ground flax seeds or chia to your smoothie. Or, if you prefer, whip up some organic egg whites, look for wild caught low-mercury fish (such as pacific salmon) or grill yourself an organic chicken breast to snack on. While there are always exceptions to the rule (such as endurance athletes, babies, elderly or bedridden who may need slightly more), chances are you’re getting too much.
Bottom line: Ditch the powders, pills and shakes. Stick to the real deal. Real food.
Be well! ~Lorrie

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