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Mornings like these are reality….




I paid my bills this morning. I shouldn’t pay my bills in the morning. It doesn’t really set the most positive tone for my day. I already know this, but I did it anyway. I became level “Hide the women and children” grouchy. This following a dream just 2 hours prior where my late husband was supposed to come to a party for the girls, but didn’t show up. I have always loved the fact that I get to see him in dreams, but am also disappointed that he never talks to me in them. He’s supposed to ask me how I’m doing and tell me what a great job I’m doing with the kids, and catch up. Doesn’t happen. So after those 2 things, I finally get the kids to the bus stop where at 7:55 each morning Monday thru Friday, the funeral director that took care of all of late husband’s arrangements drives by like clockwork. His name is Jeff. Nice guy, waves and smiles every morning, I wave back and smile.  I live in a town of 150,000 people. Why does he have to drive through my residential neighborhood every morning to get to work? He doesn’t even live around here. Most days he’s just a nice man with a job. Some days like today, he’s the guy that handed me the pen to sign the line giving him permission to cremate the man I had known and loved for 18 years. Today I wanted to give him the bird. Anyway, as you can see, my morning was just getting better by the minute.  

I told myself to take a hike. No really, go for a hike.  Get a little altitude to check my attitude. I changed my clothes, I got in the car and drove to one of the more popular hiking spots just outside of town.  I cried the whole way there. HUGE tears. Didn’t try to stop them, just let them flow.  I parked the car, got out and told myself that I was going to say “good morning” and smile at absolutely everyone on that goddam hill today. I took a deep breath, and off I went. Know what?  It was ah-mazing. Sun was out, people all over, and I was happy for everyone on that mountain that made the effort to get out today.  In the past I would get annoyed that they were all in my way. I finished my hike, got in my car and gave myself a pep talk about eating well today. Not only what I eat, but how.  Sitting down (sounds easy, right? I’m continually working on this) and enjoying the food that is fueling my body.  

I’m going to be talking this week about stress and anxiety and how the foods you eat can help you calm your anxious mind, improve your mood and end cravings. I truly believe the changes in my eating habits have made a huge impact in this department. Mornings like these are a reality, but MUCH more tolerable and a reminder of all the awesome in my life. Hey funeral guy, see you Monday! Bills again? Yep, I can manage. Energy level today? Well since I had a brown rice bowl with steamed broccoli, pickled cabbage and cucumbers with slow cooked organic pasture raised (and probably tucked in at night) beef, its’ on point! Have a great Day!


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