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I am now 56 years old.  I want to continue to be active and explore my world around me as well as continue to give back to others.  I love running, hiking, snowshoeing, and just playing outside.  I am married with two adult/married sons.  I am running my first half marathon in two years this weekend.  So pleased to be back to this physical condition to do this.

This will be my third challenge this year, I took the summer off due to a lot of travel and events (son got married!  Yay, I fit into the dress of choice!)  I learned so much and yet want to continue to solidify the habits the challenges bring.  My husband is now on board with the changes in eating as well because he saw my results.

I am a career coach, I made this professional change last year to bring better balance to my life and more meaning to my work, leaving the fast paced high pressure corporate environment.  I am a volunteer coach with Girls on the Run, building the self esteem of elementary school girls while they train to run a 5k.  It is an amazing program and I’m proud to be a part of it.  Staying healthy, making good choices help me keep up with these energetic young ones and it sets a good example.  Last season I took on the role of “snack coach” and worked hard to make sure we had healthy choices to feed their young bodies.  We talk about nutrition and body image as well as how to deal with difficult situations.  This is my passion!