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The Dual Path to Health


We routinely face obstacles created by two situations: things we can’t control and things we can.

We can’t control the events and choices of the past, but we can learn from them. And learning is what moves us forward. With clients and with myself, I notice that most frustration comes from losing a grip on things within our control, the power over our choices. It’s a common human predicament.

Whether it’s negative people we choose to surround ourselves with; how often we say yes to things that we know will throw our life out of balance or no to the things we are afraid of; the processed food we choose to eat; or the sedentary way we spend our free time; we routinely allow toxins into our lives. We all do these things, but what some of us do is identify a bad choice and learn from it. I want to encourage you to be one of those people. You’re reading this, so it’s likely you already are.

I like to envision this path to health and growth as a dual path that we straddle simultaneously – or go alternately between the two. One is emotional work and the other is action. Without addressing both, one alone will likely fail.  It often looks like this:

-We decide to obtain a new habit and within a few days or weeks, we revert to our old ways. That is action without understanding the inner voices that distract and sabotage our efforts.

-We dig deep to understand ourselves and the internal focus becomes so intense that we immobilize ourselves with inaction and nothing changes.

The way of dual focus is to quiet the inner dialogue and criticism while steadily eating our well chosen foods and moving our bodies to maintain fitness. Action, both inward and outward, is the way to long lasting change.

The first thing to acknowledge is that developing new habits is hard. There are those who make it look easy but in reality it takes focus, dedication, a long view and a constant reminder of why you’re making the change. Throw in a little learning and support and you’re on your way.

The next step is to identify your toxins. Is it the complaining and critical friend who picked up where an abrasive parent left off? Is it the soda you crave the moment you wake up that causes your sleepless nights? Is it the drive-through burger because you haven’t planned dinner? Is it the excess sugar that threatens diabetes, nervousness or irritability? Is it the lie of living with perfection as your identity when you just want to be authentic?

While you expose your personal toxins to the light, you’ll also want to address where you are headed. If you don’t mind wandering without a destination, you try different paths and enjoy the meandering. If you have a more urgent desire to heal and reach a destination, you spend time writing, talking with trusted friends, creating a vision board, finding your team of support, reading, observing, defining what is and what isn’t working in your life. You just start.

The starting can be big and bold. It can be splashy, impressive and exciting. These beginnings are ones to watch out for; the enthusiasm is hard to maintain. Other starts can be quiet, subtle and private. Without an outward commitment, support and accountability, it’s a heavy burden to shoulder alone.  The best way to start anything you want to take with you into the future is with small but significant steps in the presence of those you trust to stand with you no matter what comes. 

Start identifying the parts of your life that are within your control and begin the path of physical and mental healing. 

We’re here to help. <3 ~Lorrie

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