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detoxDetox. It’s a process, it’s a daily fact of life, it’s a way to kick off a nutrition program, it’s not a one-time thing. It’s like cleaning the house. It must be revisited.
Many ask what the difference in eating is between detox (the first 21 days) and post detox (the rest of your days). Simply put: nothing. I hope that you will always eat clean, wholesome foods and keep sugar in check. I hope that you look for balancing your protein/fat/carb ratio and put variety on your plate. Maybe not every meal and sometimes not every day, but as an overall way of eating. The detox phase just gets your body ready to help you do this.
There are so many ways we detoxify our bodies – through deep breathing, sweating, massage, bowel and bladder elimination, showering, moving your muscles, digestion, a common cold, a good cry, acne and more. All of these are forms of detoxification. 
Eating clean is one of the very best forms of detox. By eliminating processed foods, you greatly reduce the need for your body to work overtime in repairing cells that this kind of “food” is damaging. While this happens, your body starts throwing out toxins every way that it can. As your cells get better at it, toxins you’ve had for years start to leave you. This part isn’t very fun. It may feel like you have the flu or it could just be a few headaches. But after it’s over, your body kicks into high gear and begins to work like it was meant to: sending out repair to sinister goings ons behind the noise of the daily response to bad food. When that’s done, the vitality goes to you in the form of good moods, energy and less pain.
Before detox it seems impossible that you’ll crave vegetables over french fries, but it’s true, you will. The cleaner you eat, the more this will occur. Yes, there will still be wedding cake, pizza, burgers and french fries. This is a lifelong quest for health, not a diet. So, recognize that life happens. However, when your mainstay is clean with lean meats, organic produce and hormone free/grass fed dairy (for those who use dairy), you’ll notice the side effects of cake, and desire it less as you associate a headache with it. There are those days, however, that I still love a french fry so I have one… or two…
Are you still detoxing? I am. Often.  ~Lorrie

2 thoughts on “Detox – today and every day

    1. Michelle, There are so many ways to begin, I couldn’t count them all. You could begin by reading or listening to a book by Michelle Steinke Baumgard, Brene Brown, Geneen Roth or another I AM ENOUGH message writer. You could begin by adding vegetables to a fruit smoothie to get your body craving them. You could join a membership that provides accountability and support to move you forward. You could get outside and MOVE your body, sweat and get your heart beating. You could make a major change, job, or a minor one that feels major (like quitting soda). You could sit down and watch Fed Up, the movie. So many places to start. Pick one and go!

      If you need one on one help, I’m happy to help:
      If you like to read, Michelle lays it out for you:
      If you need support, we have it!

      I hope this helps,

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