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Alternative Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is just a few short weeks away and you’re starting to get all your shopping done. Maybe you’re looking for alternative stocking stuffer ideas to offset the typical candy items. Since Halloween was just a short time ago, you’re wanting to get away from candy and more towards fun items your children will enjoy….
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Easter Basket Fun – Raising The Bar

… and your loving family and friends. Easter can be a day of joy – or a day that melts into tears by mid-afternoon.  This year, enjoy the entire day rather than the momentary delight followed by the big crash that happens just after Easter baskets are dumped and copious amounts of candy are gobbled up.  While candy…
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5 Simple Mom Hacks For Veggie Eating Kids

We all know the nutritional value and importance of eating our veggies.  Food makes up who we are, how we feel, and how we look.  Every great parent wants their kids to be as healthy and happy as possible and it starts with what they put in their mouths!  The daily recommendation by most nutritionist…
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