10 Critical Reasons to Get Fit in 2016 That Have Nothing to do With Your Weight

We love to demonize the time we take for ourselves and call it selfish, a luxury and classify it as anything but necessary. I’m here to debunk that misconception and tell you all the reasons you need to make fitness a priority in the New Year. Guess what? Not one of my reasons has to…
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New Year’s Resolution to Sleep More?!

    As the New Year approaches, people begin to ponder and ask others “what is your News Year’s resolution?” Many studies over many years have shown that the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, get into better shape, join a gym, or to start back going to the gym they have…
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How to Eat Right On a Tight Budget

How to Eat Right on a Tight Budget Most people realize that eating right will make them feel and look better. One of the biggest road blocks that most people will face with eating healthier is the increased cost. Sadly, it is much easier to eat junk food than to eat a healthy and balanced…
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What is a HIIT? Understanding High Intensity Interval Training

Coach Michelle here to explain – HIIT Training and the concept of EPOC. I know – everyone’s eye’s just glazed over but hey, this is pretty cool information and important to your fitness knowledge!  So sit down, take 5 minutes and let’s change how you train! HIIT Training (stands for high intensity interval training) is…
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The One and Only Diet – Secrets Revealed

5 years ago that title would have grabbed me and had me clamoring for the secret I was surely missing to the weight loss puzzle. I’m about to give you the secret to successful weight loss in 5 simple, key words. There is no gimmick to this post and there is nothing to buy to…
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Weight Training Dysfunctions

  What is the difference between an Injury and a dysfunction? Are they the same thing? Have I had both? We have all been injured in our life and chances are will probably be injured at some point in the future as well. Whether it be playing with your kids and you sprain your ankle,…
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Your Fitness Journey – Starting is the Hardest Part

Starting a fitness program can seem overwhelming and discouraging. One Fit Widow, Michelle Steinke shares her story as well as some tips for keeping yourself motivated when you first begin your fitness routine.

5 Weeks To Your First 5K

Guest writer and veteran runner R.J. Lott shares tips for each week to help you build to your first 5k race in five weeks.

Aging and Our Hunched-Over Society

Our bodies are very adaptable and designed to respond to a changing environment. This article offers some great exercise tips that will limit or head off the dreaded “rounding of the shoulders” in your golden years!

Can Eating Certain Foods Help With Arthritis?

Although eating different types of food can’t cure arthritis, it can help lessen the pain and make your joints healthier.