What is a My1FitLife Brand Ambassador?

Living a fit, healthy life is paramount to what we believe in and practice. This is a lifestyle -- not a quick fix. A My1FitLife Brand Ambassador will embody our brand of living a fit life by moving more, eating healthy foods, and having a positive attitude each day … and telling their friends!

What you’ll do as a Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador, you will:

Help share our message on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Actively promote our Quest Community Membership using your email list, social media channels, or any other creative marketing ideas you have to share our vision.

Model our lifestyle of living fit and eating healthy foods, along with having a positive attitude as a foundation of all you do.

For each person you bring to My1FitLife, you get 25%!

That’s right -- every time one of your referrals signs up to be a part of My1FitLife, you’ll get 25% of their membership fee as a “thank you” for helping us grow!

What's even better, this is not just a one time pay out, continue receiving your 25% each month your referee is a member of My1FitLife! Start building your additional monthly residual income TODAY!

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As a My1FitLife Ambassador, you’ll also receive:

  • Tiered discounts on memberships
  • 20% off our My1FitLife apparel
  • Exclusive inside news and updates
  • Access to our exclusive community and challenges
  • Recognition and Rewards

Best of all…

As a My1FitLife Brand Ambassador, you’ll be a part of an incredible and growing team that changes lives for the better by promoting healthy lifestyles. And that feels great, doesn’t it?

This is an amazing opportunity for those that want to help us help others live their best fit lives. Become a My1FitLife Ambassador and inspire others to change their lives and reach their goals, along with earning some additional revenue as well!

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*Please be advised that we get a lot of inquiries and it’s a lengthly process to go through all of the applications we receive. If you are chosen to be a Brand Ambassador, you will be given more information on how the program will work, expectations and a Letter of Agreement to sign. Thanks for applying!